The Carol H. Brice Family Center is honored to house and partner with several local agencies that represent a wide range of programs and services for the families of the Interior:

CBFC Partner Agencies



ThrivAlaska Head Start Birth to Five is a learning organization for children and adults where children, families, and staff are valued. From birth through five years of age, children are given the opportunity to learn best through their senses, and “by doing.”

thread Childcare Assistance


thread Childcare Assistance connects families with early care & education to Alaska. thread is ready to help you find all your best child care options from infant to school age and make the process as easy as possible. 

Disability Law Center of Alaska


Disability Law Center of Alaska is an independent non-profit law firm providing legal advocacy for people with disabilities anywhere in Alaska. Our mission is to vigorously enforce and advance the rights and interests of people with disabilities.

Hockey Club Fairbanks


The goal of Hockey Club Fairbanks is to offer the best youth hockey experience in Alaska for all players (and their families) at all levels. HCF works to increase player and community participation in the sport.