In 1989 the Fairbanks community came together with the inspiration and motivation of Carol H. Brice to remodel, redecorate and refurbish the building that was formerly Careage North/Denali Center, a long-term care/nursing home, into a facility for non-profits. Today this building is known as The Carol H. Brice Family Center (CBFC). The Mission of The Carol H. Brice Family Center is:

“To Provide A Community Family Center To Empower Families And Improve Their Quality of Life”

CBFC achieves this goal by providing a facility to family and children orientated non-profit agencies at a reduced cost per square foot which includes utilities. However, necessary and required upgrades to the building is a continuing process.

After more than three decades The Carol Brice Family Center needed a new roof. During the summer of 2008, the 30 plus year old roof was replaced thanks to a generous grant from The Rasmuson Foundation and community support. Additional exterior and interior upgrades and improvements are required to extend the life of the building and enable CBFC to continue to attract and support tenants who benefit Fairbanks and Interior Alaska residents for another 35 years.

Karl Greer






Karl Greer,
Operations Manager

Upgrades and capital improvements to The Carol H. Brice Family are scheduled in three phases:

Phase I – rebuilding the roof (completed)
Phase II – interior, mechanical and electrical upgrades
Phase III - exterior upgrade

Once again, we need the help of the Fairbanks Community through your financial donations. Please consider a tax deductible donation to help make Interior Alaska a better place to raise a family.